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    February 5th, 2013

    Successful person is that who, while interacting with others can control his/her feelings and emotions. Never do wrong and negative things in the result of any bad happening.
    Anger causes a deadly consequences in our body. When you become angry followings reactions occurs inside your body which can be destructive or may be a deadly thing happens to you.

    1: Digestion process stops.
    2: Your body will no longer in order to keep the maintenance until you become calmer.
    3: Cell production process stops.
    4: Body’s healing system stops functioning,
    5: After some time you suffer headaches.
    6: You may have a skin problem after on.
    7: Anger weakens your immune system.
    8: Anger increases your blood pressure due to which you may come across heart attacks.
    9: You may become a patient of depression.
    10: You have no more control on your emotions if you are unable to control your anger.

    Anger disturbs the emotional state of the body. According to the research almost 85% of diseases have a strong link to our emotional state. It simply means that indirectly or directly the cause of 85% diseases is ANGER.
    Anger is the phenomena through which we have to come across anger time to time. So, the most important is how to handle your anger.
    Emotional freedom technique is used widely by many of the doctors to their patients. Actually, emotional freedom technique helps the person to remain positive and focus on his/her mental approach rather than quick response to bad happening.
    By the use of emotional freedom technique our body responds us by quickly eliminating anger, stress or any other emotion which is causing the destruction in the body system.
    By elimination such emotions your body feels relaxed and you can hold open your health from the effects induced by anger.